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chuck bass wallpapers [14 Jan 2009|08:25pm]

hey there, just thought i would share. i know they arent super fancy but i kinda like 'em. resolution is 1280 x 800.

enjoy! comment if you take please!

ps: not sure if i do the cut thing right so hopefully this is under the cut

x posted to blair_chuck

Read more...Collapse )chuck eye candy in this cut!Collapse )

(brighten my life)

[28 Apr 2008|12:48am]

[ mood | silly ]

right, i went away and kind of forgot about this place again.
i do suck.

have some ben goodness to make up for it. :)

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[22 Jan 2008|07:32pm]


muchos bigger version..Collapse )

p.s. i'm gonna be away for a week from tomorrow and not be able to post, so please oh please everyone else POST AWAY! :)

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[21 Jan 2008|03:53pm]

[ mood | amused ]

dan's new hairz. oh yes.

+3..Collapse )

(3 polystyrene hats | brighten my life)

[18 Jan 2008|11:44pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

yay first post heeeeeere. i bring snuggles and pretty. i just cant remember the rules so everythings going behind ze cut!

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